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The digital transformation

Nike is known for its industry-leading branding, marketing and advertising strategy, which is considered best practice by many scientists and specialists.

From a simple and powerful logo

that represents the iconic brand, to a long-lasting slogan that demands action and attitude. At the same time, the company associates its image with top athletes and a lifestyle that everyone pursues in one way or another.
The digital offering that Nike used during the COVID-19 pandemic is not an isolated initiative. The result of the "digital transformation" has played a significant role in Nike's brand strategy for several years.

Nike has placed digital transformation at the heart of its strategy as an essential factor in the so-called "Consumer Direct Offense". The plan is to improve the digital marketplace to boost the direct online sales model and reduce certain parts of the wholesale model. In line with the "digital transformation", the company announced its new CEO in October 2019. John Donahoe has served on the Nike board as a technical executive since 2014 and was president and CEO of eBay for seven years.

The "digital transformation" is now translated into the renewed showrooms where Nike welcomes their most prominent business customers. Pro Systems is proud of its participation in various innovative solutions used in Nike's showrooms in Paris and Berlin.

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