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Microsoft Holosuite

An iXfinity Immersive room that teleports you into a 360-degree, interactive experience about the influence of Microsoft's technologies on specific business challenges.

The Microsoft Customer Experience Center in the Schiphol office

has been enhanced with the Microsoft Holosuite by Pro Systems. In this Immersive room, designed to provide an unparalleled experience, storytelling takes on a whole new meaning. The story of Microsoft is brought to life in a 360° interactive experience. In the Holosuite, visitors can experience firsthand what specific scenarios can mean for their business.

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Client Microsoft
  • iXfinity immersive experience room 8x5 meters
  • 15 megapixel projection canvas
  • Media servers, content server, networks & control system
  • Laser Touch interactive walls
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Content management system
  • Microsoft Studio content user interface
  • Dolby 5.1 audio system