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From slideshows to immersive storytelling

SAP software is a complex product that cannot be reduced to a simple series of slides. Instead, SAP uses Purple Digital Storytelling's cms-based Hyro platform in a Pro Systems Immersive room. The perfect combination to convey the SAP message with all its complexity in a logical and understandable way.

SAP tells the story digitally

As the world leader in ERP software, SAP has an essential role in making all kinds of business-critical matters run smoothly, efficiently and transparently. The SAP software offers benefits that are intangible. They can be measured, but not directly seen or understood. In addition, the products are designed to address complex issues that can make function and value equally complex and difficult to explain. To bridge this gap, SAP uses our iXfinity Immersive room with the Purple Digital Storytelling software to provide visitors with an interactive and immersive experience that truly demonstrates the value of the SAP software.

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Client Purple Digital Storytelling
  • iXfinity Immersive room 8x5 meters
  • 15 megapixel projection canvas
  • Media servers, content server, networks & control system
  • 86-inch panorama touch table interface
  • Dolby 5.1 audio system
  • Lighting & lighting control