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Customer Experience

Honeywell demonstrates value to its customers as a strategic partner for innovation by leveraging tailored digital stories. The customer-centric approach is best reflected in their stunning Immersive room, created on behalf of and in collaboration with Purple Digital Storytelling. Leveraging this immersive technology, Honeywell is able to engage its customers in a brand experience that communicates value in terms they understand.

Honeywell Customer Experience

As a manufacturer with a long history of research and innovation, Honeywell has many stories to tell. Honeywell products practically power the world and their activities span multiple industries and disciplines. So it's no surprise that some of their technologies have overlapping application areas and serve different types of customers.

Conveying this complexity is challenging - but made easier with the impressive Immersive room. Using this room, Honeywell takes their customers on a bespoke journey. They get the chance to explore new technologies and innovative services and see exactly how they relate to their own situation. Using projected Touch walls and content created by Purple Ditital Storytelling or sourced from their own digital library, Honeywell allows customers to see their amazing technology in action virtually.

Pro Systems is proud of the design and delivery of this iXfinity Immersive room.

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Client Purple Digital Storytelling
  • iXfinity immersive experience room 7x6 meters
  • 16 megapixel projection canvas
  • Media server, content server, networks & control system
  • Interactive Touch walls
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Auto warping & blending system
  • Microsoft Studio content user interface
  • Dolby 5.1 audio system