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A simulator for research and maneuver training
Wabo Vlaanderen
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uses the SIM360+ simulator for training with different types of vessels such as seagoing vessels, coasters and tugboats.

Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium Vlaanderen

uses the simulator for research and maneuver training.

In the event of an investigation, experienced navigators are given a maneuvering task. Subsequently, a statistical analysis is performed on the maneuvers performed. This enables the instructors to evaluate the condition and, for example, to estimate the safe lane width. Investigations are carried out with the simulator

  • Design ports and waterways
  • Test nautical procedures
  • Determine the boundaries for safe traffic (risk analysis)
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Client Wabo Vlaanderen
  • 10 high-end 4K projectors
  • 10 projector support frames
  • Warping & blending
  • Floor rear projection
  • 360 degree cylindrical rear projection
  • interface