Air traffic control simulator
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Royal NLR

Pro Systems has developed an ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulator with a curved screen with a diameter of ten meters for this institute.

NLR is the Dutch knowledge organization

for identifying, developing and applying advanced technological knowledge in aerospace. Pro Systems has built a simulation ATC (Air Traffic Control) for this knowledge institute with a curved screen diameter of ten meters.

The tower consists of a 360-degree horizontal and 40-degree vertical projection surface, which can simulate the external view from an air traffic control tower. There are five air traffic controller positions available, each equipped with three TFT screens and optional 21-inch pen tablets. Additional positions for a supervisor, departure clearance, or snow desk can also be added.

In the tower simulator, realistic weather conditions such as poor visibility, snow, rain, as well as day and night conditions can be simulated. Not only can the Schiphol environment be simulated, but also various other regional airports including Rotterdam Airport, Beek Airport, Eelde Airport, and international airports such as Milan Malpensa, Luxembourg, Innsbruck, and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The visualization system can also be used for other applications such as Google Streetview.

Compared to the old visualization system, the resolution has quadrupled, making small aircraft, stop bars, and light guidance much more visible. Additionally, the brightness and contrast have been significantly improved.

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Client NLR
  • 7 high-end 4K projectors
  • Ceiling main steel construction
  • Custom projector support frames
  • Electronic blending & warping
  • Networked control system
  • Interfacing
  • 360 degrees projection H=4.3 meters - D=10 meters