A unique simulator for in-house training
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trains its pilots on the company’s own state-of-the-art manoeuvring simulator.

A unique tool for in-house training

Brabo utilizes its cutting-edge maneuvering simulator to train its pilots. This simulator replicates a ship's bridge (providing a 360° full mission bridge experience) and a smaller bridge dedicated to radar training. By inputting the parameters and controls of various ships, ranging from 50 to 399 meters, that frequent the port of Antwerp, the simulator serves as a test laboratory for novel ship types and jetty designs.

Moreover, Brabo extends the availability of its simulator and training center to international partners in different ports. It also leverages the simulator to undertake diverse projects on behalf of clients such as the port of Antwerp, terminals, and shipping companies. This work encompasses the exploration of new docking techniques, innovative vessel models, and refined jetty designs. The scope of these projects spans preliminary studies, testing, and impact assessments.

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Client Brabo Group
  • 14 high-end LED projectors each 3840x2400pixels
  • 14 High-end precision projector constructions
  • Warping & blending
  • Interfacing
  • Control system