H20 e-sports campus

H20 e-sports campus
Written on 27 Mar 2020
Author Attilio

In the spring of 2020, H20 will open the largest e-sports and gaming centre in Europe. A former school building and its associated sports hall will turn into a ten thousand square meter e-sports campus. With this campus, H20 offers gamers the space to develop themselves into professional players and has sufficient capacity for large-scale events. Pro Systems engages as a Bose Professional partner for the sound system of the campus.

The applied Bose RoomMarch speakers feature DeltaQ technology. This solution makes it possible to provide the entire e-sports arena with the same sound level, which results in optimal sound quality and speech intelligibility. Additionally, it is possible to angle the sound of each array module more or less towards the audience or surfaces to avoid reflections. The chosen Bose ControlSpace processor provides additional audio settings such as equalization and delays. With this setup, H20 offers its visitors the best possible sound experience.