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Training real-life situations in a safe environment

A virtual environment without compromises

Pro Systems has a very strong background in the design, installation and support of curved & dome screen simulation (full, hemispherical and truncated) as well as immersive room projection systems. Unmatched product offering, purpose built DLP simulation projectors, innovative on edge integration of laser phosphor and led projectors allow users to view high quality simulation content up an till 4K resolution or higher. Simulating real-life situations provides a safe environment for realistic training of various high risk manoeuvres. Mastering an airplane, a crane, a ship or a car. Certified learning to respond in a completely safe way to all possible situations that can also occur in reality.

What exactly do you want to simulate? How do you want that? What are the sightlines from the cabin? Which parameters should we take into account? As the architect of the simulator, Pro Systems designs’ take into account all aspects that are important for an optimally realistic representation. The emphasis is invariably on the user. Of course we provide a virtual environment that speaks for itself, but the emphasis is always on functionality.

Decades of experience
Pro Systems offers over two decades of experience in designing, supplying and supporting these specific display solutions. This experience has been gained through working in project teams that have successfully implemented reliable, accurate and highly useable displays for 24/7 usage. This enables us to look ahead with our customer and build a simulator that will still be fully relevant in years' time. Not only the software is dynamic, we are too. It is not without reason that we have been able to work for a fixed group of satisfied customers, both nationally and internationally. Backed by the diversity of our service package and our fully qualified service technicians whom play an important role. As a provider of various experience solutions, we provide the entire package, flexibly and quickly, enabling us to deliver optimal quality.

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Case: NLR

Case: NLR

To identify, develop and apply advanced technological knowledge in the field of aerospace.



Simulation solutions for cruise ships at the highest level. Full mission trainings like you've never experienced before.

Mimic real-life situations

Train all imaginable actions from a safe virtual world

Optimal user-friendliness

It's all about functionality for optimal training opportunities

Unsurpassed technique

For a simulator that is relevant and optimally deployable for years

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