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IXfinity is all about experience

Create the world you want

The iXfinity room is a unique space that can be placed in any office environment due to its various shapes and sizes.

iXfinity rooms are designed to simultaneously immerse multiple users in an auditory and visual interactive experience. At the same time, you can use all your existing software and tools spread over all walls. Access your Microsoft365 or Google suite, launch applications and experience 360° virtual tours.

A selection of the possibilities

  • Fits into any office environment
  • Works with the software and tools you already use
  • Suitable for existing 3D applications, CAD software and visualization tools
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other video conference platforms
  • iXfinity launcher for easy control of your software and tools
  • iXfinity 360 photo and video converter (transforms VR photo/ video to iXfinity room format)
  • Intuitive operation via tablets, Touch tables, Touch walls and controllers
  • 360° videos, training, interactive storytelling and virtual tours
  • Communicate and interact with all your existing digital content in any format
  • Take advantage of your Microsoft365 or Google suite environment
  • Create mixed 360° views of different information streams such as cameras, (live) data and local applications


For whom? For everyone! With the iXfinity room you can get started right away with spectacular sales presentations, 360° simulations / training scenarios, data visualization, 360° interactive tours, design-oriented education, 360° design review or product introductions. The immersive nature of the room takes you into an experience you will never forget. And neither does the message.

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Seamless integration with:
Microsoft Suite
Microsoft Teams
Google Suite
Zoom Meeting
Unreal Engine
Unity Engine
360 video cameras
360 foto cameras
Case: Microsoft Holosuite

Case: Microsoft Holosuite

An iXinity room that gives you a 360 degree, interactive experience about the impact of Microsoft's technologies on specific business challenges.

Immerse yourself in another world

You will never forget this spectacular experience. And neither is the message

Optimal user-friendliness

Manage all data in the room with one hand movement

Top-of-the-bill hardware and software

Provides a room that will impress you for years to come

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