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IXfinity is all about experience

Create the world you want

iXfinity is a seamless integration of premium software and hardware technologies capable of delivering a spectacular auditory and visual experience to the audience while hiding its complex design behind an easy and intuitive user interface.

Whether it's a sales presentation, training, workshop, design-oriented education, or product launch, the room's immersive nature makes for an experience you'll never forget. As the software adapts to your needs so does the hardware. The iXfinity room is completely flexible in size, shape and functionality. We’re able to build and shape the room around you. It is your destination application that determines the size.

Endless possibilities

  • augmented reality
  • multitouch control
  • 3D stereoscopic presentations
  • immersive surround sound
  • video conferencing integration

For whom? The iXfinity room serves as a simulator for a variety of companies. Large projects can be completed in all their complexity. Razor sharp images, fantastic sound and possibilities for interactivity allow participants from all areas of expertise to present, analyse and decide. Add a video to the room with single hand gesture, open an URL or swipe the PowerPoint aside to give a better view of the movie you're playing. The iXfinity room can be perfectly linked to other rooms. This allows you to meet, team and develop in a single virtual space with the team at a different location.


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Seamless integration with:
Microsoft Suite
Microsoft Teams
Google Suite
Zoom Meeting
Unreal Engine
Unity Engine
360 video cameras
360 foto cameras
Case: Microsoft Holosuite

Case: Microsoft Holosuite

An iXinity room that gives you a 360 degree, interactive experience about the impact of Microsoft's technologies on specific business challenges.

Immerse yourself in another world

You will never forget this spectacular experience. And neither is the message

Optimal user-friendliness

Manage all data in the room with one hand movement

Top-of-the-bill hardware and software

Provides a room that will impress you for years to come

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