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Optiver Heartbeat

Wherever you are in the Optiver building, you can always track the real-time trading performances.

Optiver is an independent trader in various products on global exhibition floors

and has its origins in the Amsterdam AEX. State-of-the-art AV solutions are now a given at the Zuidas. The impressive entrance of the building features a thirty-meter LCD LED wall that provides a connecting communication platform for all attendees behind the bar and barista bar. A connecting appearance, desired by Optiver, has been achieved on the various floors by implementing a total audiovisual concept. Integrated smart-touchscreens display all kinds of information and offer the desired relaxation wherever possible.

Pro Systems has also set up several Huddle Rooms with Microsoft Surface Hubs, video conferencing, and Barco click-share launching devices. Centrally linked Evoko reservation systems ensure organized use of the spaces.
This Optiver Heartbeat is the conceptual connection between all floors and departments now connected to real-time trading performances.


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Client Optiver
  • 2.5x22 meter LED wall and 5x4 ultra small bezel video wall
  • Space, room and floor connections (image and sound)
  • Room booking at all meeting rooms