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eVision Industry Software

Operates from a 24/7 control room manned by software specialists who monitor processes and provide support.

eVision provides software as a service (SAAS) specifically for parties with risky business activities

such as; oil refineries, drilling platforms and gas installation companies. The new eVision control room has an arena-like setup and provides an integrated overview of software status and processes on individual screens as well as shared on the central video wall. The facility enables the specialists to provide the right support to its customers 24/7.

And it gets even better: eVision and Pro Systems are in an exploratory phase for the deployment of a full functional iXfinity immersive room. Integration of the SAAS software in the room can in the long term offer eVision the possibility to easily explore the required customer locations of its clients virtually (thereby achieving a huge efficiency boost). The immersive room also provides the opportunity to train on-site via e-learning and to introduce employees virtually to dangerous situations that may arise during their work.

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Client eVision Industry Software
  • nine workstations with computers and 4K curved monitors
  • video wall controller and ultra small bezel video wall
  • professional audio system